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Our professionals have years of training on the job and are certified to take on even the most complex of tasks. They are WSIB, WHIMIS, Working at Heights certification, certified shingle installers, and more. Our goal is the everlasting commitement to your satisfaction.

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing ranges in size from a couple meters to massive projects spanning several buildings. Our goal is to help with every kind of project due to the fact that we understand the necessity ofhaving a safe and well done roof. We strictly use on the best materials, whether it be a new roof or some maintenance. We can help with asphalt, cedar, steel shingles and much more.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing can get very complicated. We are here to lead you through it and ensure everything is up to code and there is no unnecessary liability.

We assist with insurance and maintenance to make sure that their are no issues in the long run. There are many issues to keep in mind when working on commercial roofs. We make sure that there is no loss of heat in the building, there are no leaks that could lead to catastrophic inventory expenses, as well as all the other issues that come with a less then ideal roof.

Ask us about our proactive plans to ensure a safe roof at all times for your business.

Roof Repair & Emergencies

Roof repairs can be proactive or once the damage has been done. In either situation we ensure that it does not happen again. We assist with, and do the, the following repairs:

  • residential roofing, including shingling in ashphalt, cedar, metal, and slate
  • commercial roofing
  • flat roofing
  • roof maintenance and emergency repairs
  • insurance repairs: repairs, reports from our highly responsive service team
  • ice removal, snow guard, rooftop snow removal, ice damming: quick response to any issues with rooftop ice and snow; preventative ice/snow solutions
  • more custom work such as skylights, eavestroughs, and window related emergencies

Siding & Eavestroughs

Vinyl siding has become a longtime favorite for homeowners due to its
durability, low maintenance and cost. It will not dent,scratch or oxidize the way aluminum siding does.

We install all of the current industry leading manufacturer products in order for our work to last many years. We install heavy gauge seamless 5 inch eavestrough with large 3 x3 downpipe, or 6 inch eavestrough with 3 x4 downpipe. Our installers will make sure that the installation is flawless and that there won’t be any issues in the future. Leaf guards are commonly installed at thesame time to as that is the most cost effective and the best proactive method of keeping the eavestroughs working well.

Flat Roofing

Most common for use in residential flat applications are two-ply, modified bitumen membrane systems. ARR is a certified installer of IKO modified bitumen membrane systems which provides homeowners witha superior standard of installation quality.

For commercial and industrial flat roof applications modified bitumen,and Built up Tar and Gravel (BUR) Systems are the most commonly applied water-proofing assemblies. TPO and EPDM (Single ply membrane systems) are alternative systems for application in the commercial arena.


Skylights are an amazing way to add more natural light in to a room or really open an area up. We help with installation, insulation and protection of the skylight and your roof. We assist with already built skylights as well. We can fix previously done jobs, remove the skylight entirely, as well as installing new ones.

Skylights are often placed in critical places through out the house and due to this leaks and other issues can be complicated by wiring and more. Whenever necessary we call in experts to ensure nothing can go wrong. We use the best materials, as always, to make sure that you not only get better lighting but also have no worries about it in the future.

Ice Damming Prevention

Ice damming can be a very serious issue. We help fix this problem in many different ways. We install Waterproofing Membranes on eaves and in valleys to prevent water from penetrating the roof as well as ensuring a smooth flow of water so that there is a smaller chance of an ice build up. We also Improve attic insulation keeping the attic space cool, thereby reducing the amount of melting snow.

Many of these projects are situation based. Due to this we will check,however, many times it takes to be positive the job is done perfectly. While doing this we also go over all waterproofing as well. A flexible sheet is unrolled and bonded to the roof support. It can be composed of roofing felt, bitumen, elastomer, PVC or a similar material. This way you will be protected from ice and water.

Chimney Flashing

Chimneys are often the first to give out to weather and the harsher Canadian seasons and due to this leaks and issues around chimneys are a common problem. Due to this we do chimney flashing with extreme care. Sections of the sheet metal are woven into the shingle courses and lapped up the side of the chimney. Next, a second layer of metal is embedded in the chimney mortar joints and folded down to cover the top of the step flashing. We also add a protective membrane and then install shingles on top to ensure everything is safe and secure.

Lifetime Warranty
and quality guarantee

We pride ourselves on having been in the industry for many years and delivering only the top quality of work. The materials and our workers are some of the finest and due to how confident we are in our work we offer lifetime warranty.

Free Estimates

If you contact us from our contact page, or give us a call, we offer free estimates so that there are no surprise costs or expenses when it comes to the job. Get in touch with us now to start working on your project!

Gaurantees and Insurance

Guarantees, credentials, warranties, suppliers and more.


Premier manufacturer of exterior building materials and a winner of the Professional Remodelers Best in Class award.


This credential represents one of the highest standards in the shingle and general roofing industry.

GAF Certified

The largest manufacturer of residential roofing materials, with premium cost concious materials.


Read about what our past clients say about us on HomeStars and check our profile for more information about us.

What our past clients say

Kyle C.


We had an issue with ice build up and some of our gutters and liners breaking entirely. We were very happy with the quote they gave us for the work as well as the quality of work. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good quality fixes.

Hudson S.


We had very ambitious plans to install several skylights through out the house. They sat down with us and amended our plans to ensure everything would be flawless. We were very happy that they would take the time to discuss everything with us and kept us in the loop.

Julia C.


Due to the age of our home, unfortunately we had some issues with both heat insulation and water proofing. It became a bit of an emergency and we could not have been happier with the speed and precision of their work.

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